Monitor Your Child’s iPhone with mSpy

Technology has proven to be a double edge sword for parents. While it offers a lot of great things, it also presents temptations that include consequences. Our job as parents is to keep our children safe and secure, while teaching them important values.

iPhones are increasingly popular among children of all ages. It is a hard decision for parents to allow their child to have a cell phone because of the associated risk. Cyber bulling, inappropriate material, and misleading information are just some of the things children can get caught up in. Plus, the drama that occurs on many social media sites, and conversations on instant message chats that encourage inappropriate behavior.

mSpy provides parents with the peace of mind they need, by allowing them to monitor all activity that is occurring on their child’s iPhone.

How Does mSpy Track iPhone Activity?

mSpy provides parents with the tools that they need to ensure their children are not engaging in mischievous behavior. This monitoring software works in stealth mode, which will allow parents to track their children without them knowing.

While it is impossible to erase all the bad influences that are on the internet, you can have control over what your child sees and engages in. This intuitive app is easy to install, and the control panel is very user friendly. All logged activity can be accessed from any internet ready device. Once installation is complete, logging begins instantly.

Jailbreaking and mSpy

mSpy has a robust feature list, which gains you access to all aspects of your child's iPhone. Plus, some of mSpy’s features can be accessed without jailbreaking the iPhone. Depending on your monitoring needs, you may not have to worry with any of the risk that are associated with jailbreaking an iPhone. Features include track contacts, call logs, SMS messages sent and received, browsing history, events, notes, Skype, WiFi networks and WhatsApp.

Giving Parents Peace Of Mind

With mSpy, parents will be able to track incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages. Call logs will include date, time, duration and contact. You will have the ability to block contacts, so they cannot communicate with your child. mSpy gives you access to all photos and videos that are saved on their iPhone. You can spy on instant message chats, including Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Social Network, Vibe, Line, Telegram and Snapchat.

Parents will be able to see applications, as well as block those they do not approve of. Unique to mSpy, is the Keylogger feature. This will record all the keystrokes, even those that are deleted. This type of access will allow parents to be more in tune with their child's life.

The GPS Locator will allow parents to see where their kids are in real time, as well as check where they have been through the location history. mSpy will also track emails, events, calendars, web browsers, web history, and block websites. Parents will monitor and send commands remotely, while the application runs in the background on their child's iPhone. You will be able to wipe the phone or lock it, in the event that the phone is lost or stolen.


Using mSpy to track an iPhone will give you full access to activity that is occurring on the device. This monitoring software is the number one choice when it comes to iPhone tracking. The benefits and features outweigh other monitoring softwares on the market. Plus, mSpy can be used without having to jailbreak the phone. mSpy serves thousands of happy customers, as they provide a quality software backed by a company who cares.