How to Install SpyBubble on iPhone

SpyBubble is an advanced and easy-to-use iPhone spy app that allows you to silently monitor and track an iPhone in real time online. What is possibly the best part of this application is the fact that you can monitor your child or employee without them even knowing you are doing so. SpyBubble is very easy to install and setup, all you have to do is install it directly on the target iPhone device. If you don't know where to start, then don't worry as in this guide, we will help you understand the entire installation process.

The installation process for SpyBubble is very simple and will take only a few minutes, but it is important that you register as a client of SpyBubble, because if you are already a client of SpyBubble, after installing the program, you get to get the information you want right away.

To create an account with SpyBubble, just go to this site and register:

If you already have an account, go here and enter your username and password you used when you opened/registered your account with SpyBubble.

Okay, so before we take you to the installation process, remember that SpyBubble is an iPhone spy software that any target iPhone device will never trace or detect. SpyBubble understands that the information you want to have access to is very sensitive so they went great lengths and made sure that in every imaginable situation, the software is effective, discreet tool that you can rely on.

Installation Process

1. Jailbreak the target iPhone. It is very important that the target iPhone is jailbroken in order to install SpyBubble. To Jailbreak the target iPhone won’t cost you anything. Jailbreaking an iPhone creates a Cydia icon. Cydia is needed to run the program in the background. There are sites that can help you jailbreaking your iPhone, is one.

2. Click on the Cydia icon. Once you have the Cydia icon on your iPhone, click on it.

3. Click on the Sources button. You’ll see a “sources” button between packages and storage buttons, click on that.

4. Click on the Edit button. Upon clicking the sources button, there will be an edit button which is on the top right corner of the iPhone screen, click on that.

5. Now click on the Add button which is on the top left corner of the iPhone screen.

6. An input box will appear and you have to type the chosen in it and then click on the Add “Source” button

7. Wait for a second as Cydia verifies your URL.

8. Once verified, Cydia will update its sources, (You’ll see “downloading release” on the screen)

9. Click on Return to Cydia once the download is completed.

10. Once back in Cydia, click on the “radio” section.

11. You’ll see an Install button and click on that. It is located on the top right corner of the iPhone screen.

12. Click on Confirm.

Note: Click on Restart SpringBoard (the device might be rebooted)

13. You’ll know the installation process is done when the radio icon show on the screen.

14. Click that radio button and wait for the app to run.

15. Accept the terms and conditions.

16. There will be an input box. Enter Your License Key in it and Click on Verify button.

17. Activate SpyBubble by restarting the iPhone device.

In case you want to hide the cydia from the iphone device, just dial 912313 and wait for a short moment. In case the radio icon still appears on the screen of the iPhone device, just dial 313219 and wait for a short moment.

Important Notes

Now that you have successfully installed SpyBubble on the target iPhone, call the phone and send some messages as a text. All these should be recorded and sent to your online account after a few minutes. You can check if the data are being registered by logging in here For instructions on how to install the spy app on Android, click here.

Removing SpyBubble

If you want to remove the SpyBubble iPhone spy software from the target iphone, just dial 999+dial code on the target phone. Doing this will uninstall the software.

We hope that you find our SpyBubble iPhone installation tutorial helpful and easy to understand. Don't hesitate to contact the SpyBubble support team if you require assistance at

If you want to learn more about the SpyBubble iPhone Spy App, you can visit our site