SpyBubble iPhone Spy App Now Compatible with iPhone 6

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  • Affordable Price


    An affordable low price of $49.97 12-month license fee for a copy of SpyBubble

  • Compatibility


    SpyBubble works on different platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and iOS.

  • Support

    Technical Support

    SpyBubble's customer support is always available 24/7, making them easy to reach.


    SpyBubble is fully undetectable! Once the application is installed, it is impossible to detect it on the target phone.

  • easy to use

    Ease of Use

    A step by step guide is provided for the downloading and installation of SpyBubble

  • Guaranteed

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    SpyBubble provides a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the software, just return it and a full amount will be refunded back with no questions asked.


SpyBubble iPhone Spy Features

SpyBubble is the ultimate iPhone spy app. This powerful software enables you to monitor the phone activities of your family as well as your employees. Here is a list of features provided by spybubble:

  • Spy on SMS Messages - SpyBubble records all SMS activities from the target phone. Every sent and received messages are recorded in your online account, so no worries if the messages are deleted from the mobile phone.
  • View Call Logs - Each call can also be logged by SpyBubble which will also be uploaded to your online account. This provides the caller and the time of call.
  • Track GPS Location - Stealth GPS Tracking is one of the coolest technology that is ever made. Through this feature, the mobile phone having the SpyBubble software can be tracked down anytime.
  • View Photos & Videos - SpyBubble is also fully capable of letting the account owner view photos and videos from the mobile phone where SpyBubble was installed.
  • View Contact List - As an added feature, the owner of the mobile phone which has SpyBubble iphone spy software installed can also be viewed.
  • Website URL log - This spy iphone feature lets you find out which websites they are visiting by offering you with all the URLs of every website they visit.
  • Call Recording (Pro) - In SpyBubble Pro version, other than the call logging, voice recording is also included which allows listening to the voice calls transmitted over the phone.
  • Environment Recording (Pro) - Environmental recording is also another added feature in the PRO version. This feature records the background sound of the area where the mobile is located.
  • Remote Control (Pro) - The mobile phone setting can be easily controlled remotely by secret text messages.
  • SMS Forwarding (Pro) - In case internet connection is unavailable, SpyBubble can send secret messages to the owner of the SpyBubble account regarding the mobile phone’s activities.
  • WhatsApp Messenger Logging (Pro) - Spybubble allows you to view all sent and received WhatsApp messages.

Check out some screenshots of spybubble below

Thank you for SpyBubble, now I can easily check on my 12 year old daughter wherever she goes. I think every parent should have one installed on their children’s phone as well
Lorenzo Villafranca

How it works

The SpyBubble iphone spy software is first downloaded on the mobile phone where it will be installed through the phone's web browser. After downloading it will then be installed. Once installed, all the activities will be secretly uploaded on the SpyBubble's account holder over the internet. Here is an overview of how spybubble iphone spy works:

  • Step 1: Purchase Online

    In order to enjoy the services of SpyBubble, it should be first purchase online either the standard or PRO version. Once purchased, you will receive an email regarding the instructions for installation together with its licensing details.

  • Step 2: Set it Up

    Downloading and installation is a breeze. Just download the spy app for iphone to the mobile device it will be installed using the phone’s browser, and next just follow the easy steps for the installation. After the installation, it will start recording activities from the phone and send it to your private SpyBubble account over the internet.

  • Step 3: Login to View Logs

    Now the fun part. If you like to view the activities uploaded to your SpyBubble account, just log in to any computer or mobile device using your SpyBubble’s username and password.

What is iPhone Spy App and How Does it Work?

This video will tell you how an iPhone spy app works in real time, such as spybubble!

SpyBubble iPhone Spyware Uses

1) Catch Cheating Spouse: Stop being paranoid and start using SpyBubble. In this way, you will be able to find out if your spouse is really cheating or just hearsays. Listening to your spouses’ phone conversations is just one of the services SpyBubble offers. Hiring a private investigator is somehow pricey compared to the price of SpyBubble, and what more is that the software works 24/7.

2) Monitor Teen Cell Phone Use: Worried about where your children are going, specially your teenagers? Can’t sleep at night if your kids aren’t home yet? Not anymore. SpyBubble aides for their protection as it records their whereabouts, phone calls and text messages as well. Through this you will know to whom your children are going and what kind of friends they have.

3) Employee Monitoring: Need to find out where your employees are when they called-in for sickness reason? Do you need to find out if they are lying on their whereabouts if you ask them to run an errand? Or do you feel one of your employees is selling your company? Think no more. SpyBubble iphone spy app covers all of these concerns regarding your employees. Starting from tracking their whereabouts, to listening to their phone calls.

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